What's New

Credit Union Expansion

On August 1, 2020, All Saints Federal Credit Union and St. Columbkille Federal Credit Union merged, becoming All Saints Federal Credit Union.  There are now three locations to serve our members: the St. Columbkille Branch, the St. Therese Branch, and the St. Francis De Sales Branch.


If you have recently moved or are planning to move, don’t forget to notify us of your new address, email address and phone numbers. By informing us of your move in advance, you can avoid delays or a discontinuation of your statement and other important credit union mail.

Member Alert

All Saints FCU will never ask for your personal or account number information including Social Security numbers, account numbers, card numbers, security questions, PINs, email address or passwords via email, unsolicited phone calls, or text messages.

To report a suspicious email or text message that uses All Saints Federal Credit Union, please forward the email to us immediately at cu@allsaintsfcu.com or call us at 216-524-0414 or 216-587-0631.  All Saints FCU will never send emails or text message asking you to reveal your account information (we already have that information). If you receive an email or text message with this request, delete the email message immediately and do not click on the link(s).

Secret Shopper Alert

A recent “Secret Shopper” scam has been active in the area and has resulted in innocent individuals being held liable for deposits of large dollar checks which came to them unsolicited in the mail. If you get a check in the mail that you did not ask for and do not know the party from which it came, please call the credit union to verify the check. If anyone ask you to “take a picture” of a credit union check and send it to them, this is a warning sign of attempted fraud.

Part of the scam involves forged bank or credit union checks which are mailed to random individuals across the country. If you attempt to deposit the checks, you could be liable for any loses the financial institution suffers. In addition, if you sell an item online using sites such as Craig’s List, be aware that you could be victim of fraud if you accept a check for payment and don’t verify funds. We have been working with law enforcement and other financial institutions to help protect our members from these kinds of scams. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.